Is it in IT?

December 3, 2006 § Leave a comment

There seems to be a lot of talk about who “owns” various, previously considered IT, services and systems.

I recently attended the SUNY Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference and there was an interesting discussion specifically regarding the place of on-line and distance education within the campus’ organizational structure, particularly one like SUNY with 64 distinctive campuses. (This discussion was really lead by the SUNY DOODLE group)

This same discussion, again specific to on-line education, also took place at another recent SUNY event, the SUNY Council of CIO’s. There I noted that while many campus CIO’s have direct reports responsible for their institution’s on-line/distance learning programs (like I do), many other campuses house their programs under Chief Academic Officers/Provosts, Continuing Education, Business and Finance, etc.

With today’s diverse technology landscape many campuses are struggling with how to organize technology services and systems within the institution. While Information Technology departments have traditionally been responsible for development and support of everything from the projectors in smart classrooms to the the applications they project, other campus service providers (Facilities, Registrar, etc.), and in the case of teaching and learning even faculty, are striving to make more services/systems available to achieve their own specific missions. The result is often tension between the technical staff who must maintain a service or system and the end users who rely on its functionality.

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