The Question Shouldn’t Be; “Why IT Projects Get Killed…”

It should be, “Why IT projects get started.”

CIO Insight just published the top five reasons why IT projects are killed. According to the a survey of 167 IT executives, conducted by The Information Systems Audit and Control Association, the reasons were:

  1. The Businesses needs changed (30%)
  2. The project does not deliver what was promised (23%)
  3. The project is no longer a priority (14%)
  4. The budget was exceeded (13%)
  5. Does not support the business strategy (7%)

I can’t help but think how traditional project planning processes may have contributed to the failure of these projects, raising the point that it’s not why the projects were killed, but how come folks did not know that the projects were doomed and thus, why did the IT project get started?

To me, this is evidence for the failure of upfront project planning process. Now, there is no indication of which project management approach was undertaken, and it is possible that the projects reported that failed included a variety of traditional and more progressive methods. However, I am assuming these projects were managed through traditional means. It’s also interesting to note that project management was not mentioned (a question I’ll post to the article). That is, no one (or at least not a statistically significant amount of IT executives) pointed to their own processes as a cause for failure. What does that mean?

Here’s a great post that touches on much of the above reasons for project failure and offers a solution.

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One Response to The Question Shouldn’t Be; “Why IT Projects Get Killed…”

  1. PM Hut says:

    Here’s a complementary article on the same note: Failure Causes in IT Project Management.

    I think the 2 articles relate to each other, as usually failure causes are the same causes that can get a project canned.

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