July 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

Ok, this is lame, but after reading Christopher Dawson’s “Windows 7 is the same as Ubuntu” it hit me like a no-duh,  Google has essentially met (?) usurped (?) surpassed (?) the idea of WS-*, and what I would have thought only achievable through a MS approach of standardization through dominance, established the web service protocol.

There are a variety of specifications associated with web services. These specifications are in varying degrees of maturity and are maintained or supported by various standards bodies and entities. Specifications may complement, overlap, and compete with each other. Web service specifications are occasionally referred to collectively as “WS-*”, though there is not a single managed set of specifications that this consistently refers to, nor a recognized owning body across them all. The reference term “WS-*” is more of a general nod to the fact that many specifications are named with “WS-” as their prefix. This page includes many of the specifications that might be considered a part of “WS-*”. -Wikipedia

Yes, web services are more than just the aggregation and presentation of widgets (oh, that’s gadgets now), but for all practical purposes WSDL is now “Add Stuff,” (or more appropriately, Gadget API’s and Designer) as well as the ever-growing list of internal Google services (g-mail, google apps, etc.). Not exactly analogous I know, but I guess I am just wondering how development of services might be affected. Will (how long before) folks primarily develop for Google, thus requiring a Google interface for accessing remote services?

So-now the lame part-I am going to coin g-* (pronounced like WS-* as WS star). Of course… “g-*” by Patrick Masson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.


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