“be not content with the best book; seek sidelights from the others; have no favourites; keep men and things apart; guard against the prestige of great names; see that your judgments are your own, and do not shrink from disagreement; no trusting without testing; be more severe to ideas than to actions; do not overlook the strength of the bad cause or the weakness of the good; never be surprised by the crumbling of an idol or the disclosure of a skeleton; judge talent at its best and character at its worst; suspect power more than vice, and study problems in preference to periods” -Lord Acton

Academics continually challenges us all to reflect, discover, debate and understand. Considering this, it is appropriate to apply these same challenges to the field of technology, a field that now supports teaching and learning in so many ways. Why do we in higher education IT operate and offer the services and systems we do? What are those new or evolving technologies that may prove critical or catastrophic? How do we assess our current practices against evolving techniques? And, when should we adopt, adapt or abandon?

It is my belief that open dialog and debate adds to this endeavor. It is my hope that this forum can serve that goal. I hope to engage colleagues, foster discussion and share experiences on various issues, ideas and events; most technical, but perhaps a few outside the traditional realm of bits and bytes.

I am currently serving as the Chief Technology Officer for UMassOnline. Prior to UMass I worked for The State University of New York, first as the Director of Technology for the SUNY Learning Network (SLN), then as the Chief Inforamtion officer for SUNY College of Technology at Delhi. Before entering SUNY, I worked for UCLA in a variety of roles: Director of the UCLA Media Center; Programmer Analyst and Medical Illustrator for the UCLA School of Dentistry.

My professional interests include agile methods, open source software development, service oriented architecture, and have served in various capacities with 2-3-98, Educause, Nercomp, Jasig, Moodle and Sakai.

I enjoy ice hockey, playing in a variety of adult leagues and coaching youth and college teams, including the UCLA Bruins (1998-2004). I live in Loudonville, New York with my wife Jamie, a physician, and my two boys Jack and Hank.

Thanks for visiting — Patrick Masson.

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3 Responses to CI-whO?

  1. Maybe you could actually state your name somewhere on your blog, rather than making me look it up in a Campus Technology magazine article?

  2. pmasson says:

    Well it is “CI-whO.”

  3. Carl D says:

    Hey Pat ! It’s Carl (from hockey) was doing some research for the company I work for – Marketing Wiz – and saw your blog ! Didn’t think it was you, but low and behold I clicked, saw UCLA and hockey, put 2 and 2 together, and here I am. Pretty interesting stuff ! I actually am learning and blogging about a lot of the stuff you talk about here on our Marketing Wiz blog. Maybe you’d let me steal an article or pick your brain sometime. See ya next game !

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